Advice- D1 interested in OMFS

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Jul 29, 2013
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Hey y'all. I recently got accepted into dental school and will be starting in about two weeks.

I graduated from a rigorous undergraduate program that stresses research a LOT. I am fairly certain that my research in implants and osseointegration significantly effected my admission. (I graduated with only a 3.27 GPA. ).

Basically, MY QUESTION IS:
My educational career up until now has taught me that if I want to advance and give myself an "edge", it is a good idea for me to do research with a prominent professor, really get to know the field I want to be in, and make connections. I know this "tactic" might bother some ppl out there... Sorry. IF I WANT TO DO OMFS, should I consider dental research in the field or would that not help me whatsoever??

I'm interested in OMFS, but obviously have no real experience in it. I have heard it's alright to come in knowing you want to specialize, but a bad idea to KNOW your speciality until you really get into the work.

Thanks in advance.


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Sep 5, 2013
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Here's my $0.02 as a mere D2. Programs are going to care about CBSE, rank, letters of recommendation, externship, research and other extracurriculars, in this general order. This is just information that I've gathered from this website. Take it as you will. If you apply to a research heavy program, your research experience will be weighted more heavily after CBSE and rank. If I were you, I'd take the opportunity to get to know your school's OMFS faculty and be able to publish something very OMFS related. If it's not OMFS related, I've been told it's not worth the time.

For OMFS, it is absolutely okay for you to want to specialize in OMFS this early. The scope of OMFS is sufficiently broad enough for you to make the distinction between general dentistry and OMFS. I don't think the same can be said of endo, pedo, proths, perio and ortho. My program director in fact encourages people to show early interest. Many of the residents I've met knew they wanted to become an OMFS prior to dental school.

I wish someone had told me this but you should be able to swing by the oral surgery clinic during the summer before dental school even starts.
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Sep 1, 2010
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I wish someone had told me this but you should be able to swing by the oral surgery clinic during the summer before dental school even starts.

Why would anyone swing by the omfs clinic before dental school starts? You don't know a single thing yet and I guarantee they won't remember you nor will your popping in do yourself any favors. Just Wait until school starts and focus on doing well in your classes and go in if you have extra time during first year. Also don't sacrifice doing research if getting average or poor grades or average/poor NBME score. I've Seen this happen and the research doesn't mean anything when you look subpar to the rest of your classmates/applicants on the foundational knowledge of medicine and dentistry. After all, you will need to know these far better and will serve you well rather than knowing specific research findings like osteoblast activity post titanium implant placement.
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