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Medical Advice for a Canadian applying to American schools

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Jun 11, 2010
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    I am a 27 year old Canadian still pursuing medical school. My greatest chances are in Canada but I've been looking at some American schools and am wondering if it is worth applying to a few of these as well.

    My cGPA is 3.56. My GPA by year is 3.2 in freshman, 3.1 in sophomore, 3.5 in junior, 4.0 in senior, and then 4.0 in an extra year. My science GPA is even lower at 3.23. My first few years screwed me, but I do have an explanation as to why that occurred, not to mention my first year of undergrad was almost 9 years ago, and I do have a strong upward trend in grades.

    I have written the MCAT 3 times, scoring a 517 this past September (previously, 506 in 2015, 502 in 2016).

    Given these numbers and using MSAR I fall roughly around the 75th percentile mark of matriculants for MCAT scores, just over 10th percentile for cGPA, and in the bottom 10th percentile of matriculants for sGPA at the schools I am considering (Geisel, George Washington, Jefferson and Georgetown). From your experience applying to US schools (and these schools in particular, if anyone has), is it worth applying, especially when international applicants are taken at a rate of <1%?

    Other things to consider:
    Volunteering: water project in Africa, Boys and Girls Club, executive position at a club in undergrad, mentor
    Research: a couple labs in undergrad (mainly data collection stuff), helped design research survey used to evaluate program
    Clinical Experience: providing counseling for Canadian Mental Health Association, peer support worker at a mental health facility
    Work: family business, elections in my province, retail
    Other: Shadowed psychiatrist (including making presentations to patients and staff, attending grand rounds, attending psycho ed. groups), produced literature/resource for inpatients of psychiatric facility, currently completing a book that will be used in a psychiatric inpatient ward of a hospital, led dissection and gave lessons about cardiovascular system to high school students
    Target the 14ish DO schools that take Canadians. I don't see any hope for MD
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