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Jul 17, 2006
I am planning to take the MCAT in April next year, and here is my plan. Please tell me what you think I should add/remove. Thanks.

I have already taken orgo and did pretty decent, and I had a very high Bio GPA and I took physiology, cell biology, biochemistry and ecology. I will also be taking immunology, virology, nucleus, and clinical biochem next year. I took physics in high school and had done extremley well in it. I will also be taking 6 courses first term, and 4 courses second term with 3 exams only second term.

Summer 2006
- Review Physics, EK 1001
- Review Biology, EK 1001
- Review Orgo, EK 1001

During the year
- Each weekend do a full length verbal. One week Kaplan, the other week EK.

During the Christmas Break
- Review Physics, Biology, and Orgo notes
- Do TPR Questions
- Kaplan Subject/Topical Tests

During Term 2:
- Review Chemistry, Chem EK 1001
- Every weekend take a Kaplan or TPR full length

During Spring Break:
- Review Everything, and continue full lengths

After Spring Break:
- Each weekend do an AAMC

Week before the MCAT:
- Review Kaplan flashcards
- Review Notes
- 2 days before stop studying.

Summer Sweet

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Feb 9, 2006
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That's awesome. I'm prepping for next year too, and hopefully I can make myself stick to some sort of schedule like that. Although, I'm going to try and pick a testing date that isn't in the middle of my academic quarters, so I'll have less school stress to worry about around that time.


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Jul 27, 2006
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Your schedule looks great.. i might actually use some of the planning in making my own.

I'm wit ya on the April date.. or close thereto..
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