Advice for non-traditional medical student- unique situation

Sep 9, 2017
Medical Student
I've seen several threads looking for advice on here but I thought I'd post my own since my situation is pretty specific. I've tried doing as much research online already but I'd really value some insight from some medical professionals or students.

In short, I'm a non-traditional student hoping to get into medical school in Canada. I did my undergrad degree in medical sciences (honours) and finished with a 3.6. I was also involved in research throughout my degree and ended up publishing several papers. I did some volunteering as well but most of it was short term (<1 year). I'd always had the idea of medical school in the back of my mind but I never really pursued it aggressively until I'd already graduated. Now this is where it starts to get complicated... On somewhat of a whim, I applied and was accepted into medical school in the UK. I've already finished one year but due to financial and personal reasons I would really like to come back to Canada. However, I'm not really sure how competitive of an applicant i would be for Canadian medical schools. As such, I am hesitant to leave the UK at the risk of not getting into medical school in Canada. I've also considered whether I should come back and do an MPH to strengthen my application and then apply to medical school in Canada. An MPH would be related to the research that I've done in the past and is something that I have a passion for as well. To make the situation more complicated, I also have dual citizenship to the US and have considered applying there as well or trying to transfer in. Ultimately, my goal is to be a practicing doctor in Canada. However, I'm very unsure about how best to reach this goal. Any advice, tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated!
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