Advice for RC section of DAT... statement 1/statement 2 true and false questions

Jun 5, 2015
I've been taking DAT bootcamp practice tests for RC this past couple of weeks (I started out with a 17, then used BYU4you's strategy and bumped it up quickly to a 21).. The problem is 80% of the questions I get wrong are the questions that are like "statement 1 is correct and statement 2 is correct but not relevant" type of questions..

Are these questions as abundant on the real thing as they are in bootcamp? Any tips on how to tackle these types of questions?

Scarlet Knight

2+ Year Member
Jul 17, 2015
It really depends on the test that you have and the passages that are given to you. For example, didn't have any questions like that on my DAT, but I have had friends (and seen several posts on this site) report that they have had a few. Regardless, I wouldn't say they are overly abundant on any test, but that's just from my general understanding and I really think it depends on the luck of the draw.
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