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Advice for someone in Crisis!!!


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Dec 16, 2004
  1. Attending Physician
    I am scheduled to take step 1 on july 21 and all of a sudden my relationship with my boyfriend of two years is suddenly falling apart. He seems to be interested in someone he began rotations with last week. I slept a total of 3 hours last night and my studying for the last couple days has been minimal.

    Before this I was doing everything right and was confident I would score well. I am really concerned about how this will affect my score. Would it be wise to just take the beast the soonest i can which would be july 18? I would like to know if anyone who has been in a similar situation could offer me some advice on how to proceed with my studying. And if you haven't it would be great to hear your advice to.


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    15+ Year Member
    Aug 7, 2003
    Kerala,India or PA,USA
      Been there 2 many times and I still am (with my hubby none the less).SOLUTION:If u have been studying good take the damn exam only after you take the nbme and see where u stand .If not move out AND postpone it for a week or so avoid all contact with him.Try to not postpone the exam MORE THAN THAT your short term memory is gonna dry out and restudying is not a worthwhile option.
      HE IS TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT.feel free to pm me if you need to vent!!!
      good luck


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      Jul 9, 2006
      1. Medical Student
        Read this thread!


        I'm very sorry to hear about the hard time you're having now, and I deeply feel for your worry, especially at this time, about your fear on doing well on the exam.

        I hope you all the best, whatever you chose to do.

        GOOD LUCK!

        Also PM me if you need someone to talk to!!


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        15+ Year Member
        Mar 30, 2004
          As harsh as this will sound your boyfriend sounds like an a**hole. He could have waited 2 weeks to cause drama. Try to look at the bright side and say it is better to know this now before you got married or wasted more time with him. I know so many people who divorce in residency when they meet someone new. If he is always looking the horizon for someone new that is his own issue and is not a reflection of your worth!!!!
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