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Advice, Information for SubI's/4th Yr. Electives in FM in California?


4th year Medical Student
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Jul 22, 2003
Hi everyone:

I am a third year medical student who is interested in FM and wanted to know what FM residency programs/locations in California were good choices for doing fourth year electives/Sub I's.....so far I am thinking about: Harbor-UCLA, UCLA (any of the other locations like Santa Monica), Kaiser and Scripps Chula Vista. I am open to any other suggestions as well. Please help! Thanks everyone!!!!! This thread is very helpful. :D

Voltron77 :0) :idea:


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Jun 25, 2002
  1. Attending Physician

I didn't do any sub-I's in California but on my interview trail, I met other students who did sub-I's at Ventura County, Kaiser-Fontana, Northridge, and Long Beach Memorial and they seemed to enjoy their time at all of these places. You might want to check these places out. For Kaiser-LA, the inpt service is really busy and intense; one of the applicants I met did 1 month of just outpatient clinic instead but went to sit-down morning rounds with the inpt team.

Good luck! :luck:


happiest of amino acids
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Nov 6, 2002
  1. Resident [Any Field]
I did a sub-i in the inpatient family medicine service at Northridge and really enjoyed it. The residents and attendings were incredibly nice, and the didactics were fairly decent. They are willing to give you lots of autonomy (for instance, I got to talk to consultants directly rather than routing it through my senior resident), but they are also very accessible if you need help with patient care. I got a great mix of patients (from malignant hypertension with encephalopathy & kidney failure to more bread & butter type cases). For this sub-i there is no overnight call (but you are Q4--I think?-- up to 9 pm). Perks include: free food, free parking, and possible housing if you arrange it ahead of time with the coordinator.

They also have a sub-i that is entirely outpatient clinic; I've heard that's a great experience too.
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