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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by sommoh, Jun 20, 2001.

  1. sommoh

    sommoh New Member

    Jun 19, 2001
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    I'd like to apply to University of Minnesota 's School of medicine in the Twin Cities. But there is one problem. They require applicants to take Biochemistry as prerequisite to med school. And i won't be able to take it until the spring semester of my senior year and i'm applying to med school at the end of my junior year. What should i do? I really like this school. Is there a part of the AMCAS app where i can list the courses that i WILL take? Thank ya'll. :confused:
  2. moo

    moo 1K Member
    10+ Year Member

    Jul 4, 2000
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    Yes, just list them under course work under your "Senior year-Spring Semester" and check off the box marked "Current/Future". You do not need to assign a grade to it. You should also list all the courses that are IP (in progress)

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