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May 31, 2002
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I am on the way of filling out the application on the AADSAS website.
While reading this forum, I feel I am so so behind the schedule.
Is it too late to send the application at the end of July, this month? How does it work, the applications which did not get into the first batch? Am I too late??

Need one more advice. I talked to my advisor and he would send out the recommendation directly to each school I am applying. Is it OK? Do I have to inform AADSAS of this?

so stressed out. should have done it way before.


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Oct 17, 2000
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no, you still have time....I just got all my money together today, and am finishing up my essay, so I'll have it submitted w/in a week or two....the schools are focusing on their incoming students now I'm sure, so just try and get it done by the summer, and you'll still be fairly early in the game...good luck! :)


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Jul 21, 2002
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do not worry. you have plenty of time to submit your application. i know some people who completed their apps in december (personally, i completed mine in oct) and were still accepted into dental school. the timing only depends if you've got that one competitive school that you've GOT to get into.
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