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Aug 23, 2015
Hey everyone,

I would just appreciate some help with deciding what I should do with a few of the job offers that I have gotten in the past several days. First off, I am currently starting my first gap year in an attempt to garner clinical experience, volunteering, and lab experience. I really like the research I was exposed to in undergrad, but I've never been able to work under the direction of a PI. I was recently offered a lab tech position for a PI at a great medical school, it's part-time, and the pay is pretty great for me - about 20/hr. The only catch is that it is an hour away, but that is completely manageable for my current schedule. The other position I was recently offered was through Elite Medical Scribes in an ED. The pay is as expected - minimum wage. However, this job is only 30-35 min away. I have zero clinical exposure, but I also have zero lab experience. I figure that it is much easier to volunteer to get clinical experience/patient contact than it is to get into a lab - let alone getting payed well. I also would like to continue to do research in the future, so this is out of genuine interest and not box checking. Which job would be the better choice?

Any advice would be much appreciated,

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