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Advice on leadership position


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Dec 1, 2011
  1. Pre-Podiatry
    I am currently on my second semester of college so I understand that its much too soon to predict. 4.0 GPA - 37 credits so far. Going for BA Bio. Starting to volunteer at UM Hospital and hope to find some MD's/DO's to shadow while there. Currently working 40 hours a week (I support myself). I just had a question about a leadership position. I am about to be bumped up to manager at my Walmart, would that be considered leadership? I do hope to do TA and/or help tutor students in the near future as well. I feel as if I am not doing enough with my time compared to other future applicants. I do not mind ranking on MD schools, just do not want lower 25. There is such a negative stigma in this forum on DO that I'm afraid to consider it an option. I hope to be back every 6 months to update until I finally start applying :D Thought it would be a cool idea to see how much I've grown applicant-wise.

    You worked 40 hours per week and completed 37 credits in one semester? You shouldn't even be worrying about med school rankings right now.


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    Dec 12, 2012
    1. Pre-Medical
      You worked 40 hours per week and completed 37 credits in one semester? You shouldn't even be worrying about med school rankings right now.

      :laugh: Well I'd say he definitely has those credits from AP/dual enrollment. Some people come in with 40+ hours their first semester, but those are the easy classes that would help buffer their GPA in a potentially difficult major.

      OP, I don't particularly know how it would be viewed by an ADCOM, but you should definitely include it if you are a manager... It can't hurt. It also looks very good that you are working a full-time job and keeping your grades up. Are there many young managers at Walmart? It seems somewhat impressive since you're a freshman.
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      Oct 7, 2011
      Ann Arbor
      1. Medical Student
        I would consider a management position leadership experience and I think it is something that you should definitely put on your application. I also struggled with finding time to do other EC activities during the school year because my time was filled by a varsity sport, so I ended up taking time off before applying... just another option if you feel that you won't be competitive enough by the time you're supposed to submit you application.

        Also, I was told that TA/tutoring is not usually considered leadership (unless you were in charge of organizing the TA's/tutors) it goes under teaching experience.


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        Oct 10, 2012
        1. Resident [Any Field]
          For the record, I am pretty sure APs don't get factored into your GPA. And, if anything, a 15 hour semester may be perceived as light (though it does seem like you have pretty legitimate extenuating circumstances). Also: you're a freshman. You may change your mind in 6 months when you discover your love for medieval architecture. It's way too early to be anxious.

          To answer your question: I think your job would be great for listing in leadership, but you're going to have to find some time to gain some relevant medical experience (AKA tutoring/TAing won't exactly cut it).
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