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Jan 23, 2012
Hi all,

I've been lurking for a while and it's finally getting close to the time to take the MCAT. I haven't been a straight A student, especially in my sciences, but I'm super dedicated to acing the MCAT. I am rather concerned that I'm simply not equipped to do so, because my knowledge of the pre-req sciences is pretty weak. I know it's not usually recommended to study for more than 3-4 months, but due to my weak background and the fact that I'll be taking physics II and Biochem in Spring, when I plan to take the MCAT, I am thinking of starting now. I scribe at the hospital 3 nights a week and I'm also taking Orgo II and Physics I currently, so my plan is to use this semester to thoroughly review the content and really become proficient, and then use next semester to practice practice practice all I can.

My initial thought is that this would allow me to do a thorough job in both content review and practice rather than settle for less in either, especially because I won't get to have a full 3-4 months without any classes to study (I'm a senior and don't want to delay another year).

I'd greatly appreciate any and all advice, and I thank you all in advance!