Sep 19, 2015

I am an US IMG from one of the better known Caribbean schools. I am hoping to get any advice, especially from those who may have gone through a similar situation or know someone who went through a similar situation.

My stats: step 1: 232 (first pass), cs (first pass), and recently found out that I did not pass CK (208).

I have applied to ~95 FM programs and ~60 IM programs that have matched my school and other Caribbean schools in the last 3-4 years. I luckily was able to get October off to study and take this exam again by the second week of Nov. I should have my score back hopefully by the first week of Dec.

To be completely honest, I thought the test was difficult but I did not think I had failed it. My uworld assessment (which I thought would be the best predictor according to friends who took the exam before me) ws a 240 a few days before the actual exam.

Any input on how I should proceed with this test and the match would so greatly appreciated. Do you think I have a chance to still match this year? I am devastated and deflated after having set myself up for a good chance to match IM before this bump in the road.

Thank you so much!
Nov 18, 2011
So sorry to hear this. I can't imagine the devastation. The uwsa and nbmes were not predictive of my performance either. I made a post earlier about making a 210 on step 2 (just lucky to pass) after a 225 on step 1. You have another shot at it. I would say don't report your ck score until you get the new passing one. Study hard and kill it you can do this. I hope programs would still consider reviewing applications.