Nov 18, 2011
Dreams feel crushed. What are my chances?
School: American University of the Caribbean
Passed all exams with 1st attempt:
Step 1: 225
Step 2 CK: 210
Step 2 CS: Passed
Passed all NBME shelf exams in 3rd year
Clinical grades: All honors thus far
All rotations done in the US
Research: 1 publication, working on 1 other currently
US Citizen
4 Letters: I know for sure 2 are very strong.
Goal was for IM, but now also applied to family after that unrepresentative Step 2 CK came in (although I do not have a letter from a FM physician, just from IM chair, obgyn chair, urology, med school dean)
Applied to 200 IM / 100 FM.