Advice on (slight) change in study plan - received Boren Scholarship & taking August 24th

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Oct 2, 2022
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Hi all!

I'm a sophomore in college right now, and I am registered to take the MCAT on August 24th. I made my three month study plan for the summer, which looks pretty similar to how most study plans are
  • First month (May 6th - June 4th) content review
  • Second and third month (June 5th-August 24th) UWorld + AAMC material; BP exams transitioning to AAMC full lengths
However, I recently got notified that I got awarded the Boren scholarship that funds me to learn a language in another country for the fall semester. I am elated about this opportunity, but part of the program requires me to be in another university outside of hometown from late June to early August. At the university, I would be in a class from 8 AM to 1 PM, with a few culture activities on some days. My weekends would be completely free to do FLs! However, I know the MCAT/study time is not something I can compromise on. The class I would be taking would not be super intensive -- it's a language that I have a little bit of heritage familiarity with, but I would still love to be involved in the program instead of putting it to the back burner.

I thought about pushing my MCAT past August to January, after the program finishes (the program also runs from late August to mid December in the other country), but I feel like a lot of organic chemistry/biochemistry is still fresh in my mind, and I would much rather get it over with. I'm also hoping to apply this coming May, but I do not mind taking gap year(s) at all!

Do you guys think it would still be manageable? The summer program would be during my UWorld/FL phase (planning 50 ish UWorld questions a day, and one FL every Saturday; I would slowly transition into official AAMC material towards end of July/early August), and a weekly schedule of the program is linked here. Happy to provide any more information/clarification <3

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Your afternoons look decently free but the question is how much time, if any, might you need to dedicate to further language study/cultural immersion/general "living life" stuff?

I think the first thing to do is take one of the practice exams to assess your baseline (not the AAMC ones if possible), then work your way up and see if where you scored->where you want to score is feasible