Advice on when to take the MCAT?


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Jan 27, 2013
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    Hi everyone! I stumbled upon SN2ed's thread a while ago, and read it through and think it's a wonderful study schedule that I'd like to follow as closely as I can. I'm a freshman at UF right now, and I'm a chemistry major though I'm probably going to add a Microbiology & Cell Science double major as AP's let me skip Gen Chem and Bio.

    I'm currently on track to graduate in 2016, and that means I'd likely take the MCAT in 2015. The new format kind of frightens me, however. I don't want to have to study Sociology and Psychology, to be honest. So that's why I'm considering taking it in 2014, the summer after my sophomore year.

    Right now, I'm taking:
    Organic 2 (+lab)
    Physics 2 with Calculus (+lab)
    Bio 1 (so I'm fresh on college bio)
    And two other non-science classes.

    In the fall, I'm thinking of taking:
    Principles of Microbiology (+lab)
    Genetics (+lab)

    And not sure for the next spring:
    Anatomy and Physiology

    Something like that. Point being, I'm likely going to be ready as far as pre-reqs go to take it after the summer before junior year. This would be advantageous because I get to strike while the iron is still hot, and haven't forgotten any knowledge, and the prep materials I'd use would be entirely relevant to the unchanged MCAT. And it gets this tribulation out of the way before the classes get really intense and I need to research, get LORs, etc. I'm planning on just spending that summer intensively studying the guide to the letter, and hopefully walking out with a 35+ so I don't need to take it again.

    Would this be advisable? Should I try to take it in 2014 while all the knowledge is fresh, or suck it up and just take the 2015 one, with the benefit being I'll have taken some upper level science courses?

    Thanks for the advice!


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    Oct 4, 2011
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      If you can study for the MCAT and not take a GPA hit..I guess go for it. I have a feeling the sociology/psychology won't be too difficult. Don't let that be your decision maker. They seriously can't expect everyone to be taking higher than intro classes when it comes to these subjects...most people can skate through the 101's of these anyhow. I would recommend whatever allows you the most time to dedicate to the MCAT. Like most people say on here..its not about knowing the material cold..its about being able to acclimate to the MCAT format. Everyone knows of the 3.2 student who got a 35 and the 4.0 who couldn't muster a 22. But then again you may be able to own the simply can't make the decision for you.


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      Oct 4, 2011
      Omaha, NE
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        Why would he affect his GPA when has 2 years to study for it?
        Use your summer + winter vacations wisely, then you will be more than able to do it.

        Maybe he won't study for 2 years for it? Maybe he has poor time management skills and wouldn't be able to balance EC's + MCAT + Full school load, etc. It wasn't a command, it was just a cautionary suggestion. Nor are these judgments against him..just possible scenarios.
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