Jan 29, 2010
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Im about to graduate and i'm interested in doing paediatrics.
I haven't given the usmle yet.
My question is whether i should do a 1 year training period after graduation( that isn't compulsory but is necessary if i want to practice in the country im from) and then give the usmle exam or skip the 1 year training and prepare and give the usmle exam.It usually takes a year for people from my country to give both the steps 1 and 2. What if i dont score too high to get in?
What would you people out there recommend? I only have very little time to decide now. I need help.
Will my one year training period count? Or will the program directors for the paeds program not consider my training period and consider it a waste of time?What score do they require?Should i skip the training period and start preparing for the usmle exams
Please help me.


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Dec 27, 2004
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there is no right answer to ya question. u have to decide yourself. u can write the exams...passing them doesnt assure u of a residency spot. I say only some 50% foreigners make it. U wouldnt want to not be able to practice in the usa and not be able to practice in your country too. at least u could guarantee one be4 trying the other.
whiles others will also tell u that residencies is usa want fresh graduates and once u make up your mind u have to start working on it instead of wasting time. note it isnt only about taking one year to write the exams. you have to come to the usa and do externships and observerships and network yourself through the system. after all one year traiNING in your country wont really contribute to you getting a residency here.
U shd contact pple from your country who have been successful
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