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Oct 6, 2002
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hi everyone, i'm new here, but if anyone could drop me a line w/ some advice, i'd really appreciate it :) i posted this on an earlier thread about AMCAS applications, but it kinda fell off the page... thanks!

<<Hi everyone,

I am a new poster here. I won't be starting the application process till next April, but I was curious about the AMCAS part of the application that deals w/ activities/work/research etc. Do you list everything in one list? or do you separate them? I'm just asking b/c my gpa wasn't too hot my first year, but the next few years i really made a change and brought it up, but i was really only involved in a few activities cuz of that, but was more involved with research-- working at the hospital affiliated w/ my school, and also involved in research over the summer, and clinical research in health policy w/ the UN/WHO. but in terms of my activities i just did what i loved which was basically 3-4 things, poetry writing for magazines on campus, volunteering, and being an ambassador for the admissions office. i go to an extremely competitive school (ivy) where everyone is running around w/ 4.0s and 35+ mcat's and 10 zillion activities...

sorry for the long message i guess my point is can my research/work experiences be listed w/ my extracurrics b/c if not, i guess that part of my apps will look kinda sparse... do u think they will understand that i had to tone my EC activity down in order to concentrate on bringing up my gpa.. i mean i know its kinda lame, but i really made a huge change in my gpa, so i am thankful for that

ok thank you for any responses to this... i really am glad i found this forum... LOL, i will be receiving my scores for august 2002 mcat in a few weeks (didnt check them online) so i will be back to either share in others joy, or misery, either way!!! >>


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Jul 13, 2001
anchorage, ak
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Welcome To SDN, lalala!! :) All "post-secondary" experiences are listed in one long list on AMCAS. There is a limit of 15 (new this year). You have to choose a category for each one, like paid employment -military or non-military, EC/hobbies/avocations, teaching/tutoring, community service/volunteer -- medical/clinical, research, honors/awards/recognitiions, conferences attended. Whew! I think that's all the categories. You sound like you'll be fine. It's better to do a few things in-depth than a ton of things superficially. Good luck with your applications!! :)

Polar girl

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Sep 4, 2002
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damn. beat me to it. But yours was much more informative, so I guess I can accept that. This time. :laugh:
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