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Aug 16, 2002
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I know that I want to go into medicine, but am very undecided as to what area to pursue. Most recently, I have considered NP or PA programs. I am interested in working with babies and have been told that NPs are more often sought out for such positions as opposed to PAs. Is this true? Also, what specialty/ies would you suggest that would allow me to spend weekends and enjoy quality and quantity time with my young children?
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Oct 8, 2002
Are you a nurse? If you are already a BSN-prepared RN, than NP is probably the way to go. Where I live, the doctor's seem to use more NPs than PAs, although this may not be the case in all areas. Several nursing schools have a pediatric nurse practicioner program. If you are not already a nurse, I am not sure what to tell you. PA programs require a BS or BA degree in something, and they teach the medical model of dealing with illness rather than the nursing model. Most NPs have several years of nursing experience dealing with patients, whereas many PAs have never dealt with a patient until going to PA school.

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