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Sep 4, 2006
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Your age doesn't matter, but nontrads are more likely to have early poor grades weighted lower.

Applying with a downward grade trend is generally not a good idea.

You are less likely to be accepted to any school where your stats lie below their bottom tenth percentile for acceptees (per the MSAR), unless you will fill a diversity niche that a school wants represented in the class they are forming.

Those applying recently with a 3.38 cGPA/MCAT score of 32 had a 38.7% chance of an MD acceptance somewhere. With a 35, 52.3%. And with a 38, 61.1%.
May 29, 2009
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I should clarify, there's actually an upward trend to my postbacc grades. I've maintained a 3.8 for the last 2 years of classes (brought up a barely 3.1+ GPA from the first year of postbacc classes).
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Nov 24, 2007
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Your GPA went down. That's not doing you any favors. People usually use post bac as a grade booster. Yes, you've done well the last 2 years, but how many classes are you taking/semester. 5 or 2? That's a factor.
Your GPA and some bad post grad grades are going to hurt you. Saying "well, it was Harvard..." isn't going to get you far. You have to kill the MCAT. Think 40.
Your other ECs/experiences are good. Even if you do well on the MCAT (~36), if I were you, I would apply broadly, including DO. That will guarantee success in one year. I don't see Stanford and Penn lining up, but who knows.
The MCAT will make or break you.
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