Advice to Job Seekers

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Dec 11, 2007
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I have noticed that there are a few students on here that are having trouble getting jobs. Well, welcome to the real world. The real world can be very harsh, but you have to learn how to do deal with it. So here are some tips for finding jobs until you get admitted to graduate school or medical school.

In no specific order:

- If you are applying for a job that does not require a B.S. degree, then take your B.S. degree of your resume. If they question you if you have a B.S. degree or any post-high school education, then just say that you got a degree but are not interested in working in the area you got a degree in or something like that. If you don't have a B.S. degree written on your resume, then I doubt the employer would discuss anything about graduate or medical school. If the employer offers a chance to pay for a couple of undergraduate courses, then just say that would be good and just don't bring it up again.

- If you are applying for a job that requires a B.S degree, then explain to them that you want to work and develop some skills that this specific job would give you and how this would benefit the employer. If the employer asks about going to graduate school or anything like that, then you can say in the future but not for a few years. The employer wants to hire people that can work around three years or more.

- If you are applying for jobs that require a B.S. degree but the degree needed is in a different area, then you need to work hard on marketing your skills and how the degree you have will be of benefit to the job you are applying. For example, you developed analytical skills in your courses and the job you are applying for will require a person with strong analytical skills.

- Try to ask friends, family, and cooled-emailing asking about jobs. Write very passionate emails to HR departments at any company you would want to work at (I'm not talking about a Starbucks company....more like a nationally well known company like AT&T) and explain the type of job you are looking for and if they would be willing to speak with you on the phone. You need to be proactive. Just saying please respond with a number and time I can call back don't work. You need to say that I will contact you again in a week via phone. This way they are not cought off guard.

- You have to realize that you may need to move. Some cities just don't have as many jobs as others do.

- Don't send the same resume to all jobs you apply to. There might be some jobs where you need to ad a previous job in or take a certain type of job out. Don't be afraid to add a skills section to your resume if you are applying for a job outside of what you got your degree in.

- Have your resume looked over by a professional. ALWAYS use the passive voice. For example, I regulated, I developed, I was in charge, I instituted, etc.

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