Advice: UNT M.S. in Medical Sciences (Online) vs. UH M.S. in Bio with Grad Certificate?

Aug 5, 2020
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Hello! I'm a recent graduate taking a gap year or two to do an SMP and then apply. I was accepted into both the UH M.S. in Bio with Grad Certificate and the UNT SMP (Online version). With COVID, both are technically online as of now. I don't mind doing an online program, especially since we are all online at the moment for the most part, and I do know that the UNT program is well-recognized across TX. However, the UH program seems to offer a lot of resources, including research being a required part of the curriculum, a grant for all grad students, and the ability to use a pre-health committee that would write you a letter when applying that next cycle. My hope is to apply to TX MD, TX DO, and OOS DO next cycle.

Current Stats: As of now, I am currently studying for my MCAT. In undergrad, my cGPA was a 3.45 and sGPA was a 3.0. I worked over 1000 hours combined as a scribe and CNA. I volunteered for about 2.5 years as a tutor for the local high school and as a mentor for young girls in juvenile detention. I also did a year of research my freshman year in bacteriophages, but didn't publish anything outside of my undergrad research journal. So my research is not as strong compared to my work experience and volunteer experience.

Overall, I'm leaning towards the UH program because I have found a research project I enjoy which will help with that aspect of my application. I have also heard from three students in last year's class that the support from faculty was amazing and everyone got the feeling that they were being pushed to succeed. Due to my cGPA/sGPA, I do want to be an environment where I feel like I can succeed. I know that these programs are high risk, high reward, so I'm going to put my all into it regardless; however, it does help to have a supportive faculty behind you. I do not know anyone who has gone through the UNT SMP and would love to ask questions if possible.

Thank you so much for reading!
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Mar 25, 2017
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Hey! We have a groupchat for those who are applying Fall 2021 to the UNT Medical Sciences Program! Join the groupme so we can update each other about due dates and help each other out. :)


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