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Jan 6, 2011
Maryland Outside of DC
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Hello! I hope this isn't too long for anyone but PLEASE bear with me and help me out a bit if you can. You can skim it and get a good grasp anyways.

I have read the MSAR also, but talking things out with people who also know about this stuff helps instead of making a decision without discussion.

The rundown:
University of Maryland Class of 2012
Biochemistry Major
science GPA - 3.67 non-science - 3.74 overall GPA - 3.69

This last semester dropped my GPA a little because I took some extremely difficult classes and finished with just under a 3.5 for the first time. (Nothing below a B ever)

As far as MCATs go --- still going
I am taking them in a week (6/16) and took the Kaplan course during the semester and have studied a bit more since the semester ended. BUT, my practice exams are still around a 28-30. Since I took the diagnostic back in January until now I have been at like a 28-29 average. I've reviewed my exams and questions and studied but nothing is changing. (This is the big question for me really.)

-I will graduate from the Honors College at my school if that means anything.
-I researched this past year in a Physical Chemistry Lab (laser spectroscopy and collisions of particles) the last two semesters for 15 hours a week in addition to my classes.
-Shadowed a lot of different units at local hospitals in a program last summer for about 60 hours total.
-Currently running and coordinating that program this summer and working in the volunteer office at the hospital while still being able to shadow.
-Interned for a Cardiologist the previous summer - shadowing about 20 hours a week and working with patient paperwork for 20 more.
-The past two semesters I have worked as a Resident Assistant winning an award for it, I take it really seriously and work about 15 hours a week. Will continue next year.
-Was a VP of Sustainablity for my Residence Hall in my sophomore year
-Member of UMD Club Swimming for first two years and was the VP of the club last year and will be VP again next year.
-I also coached a local swim team from 06-08 during the summers.
-Finally I am an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, did my own service project and worked on a bunch of others for other kids.

The Pre-Health advising at my school said I have a good looking application so far, just waiting on the MCATs. I also should have pretty good letters of recc.

Primary target school is the University of Maryland Medical School. Other list of schools would be.....well I'm not entirely sure yet but honestly if I can get into a mid-range med school I am happy as heck.

Also, since med schools do look at background, I am Indian but born in the US no immediate family members are doctors but my aunt and uncle are in India.

My current options are (in order of what I'm hopefully going to do):
1) MCAT is above a 30, apply to 2012 cycle and figure I should be okay :/
2) MCAT between 28-30, still apply, and hope for the best
3) MCAT below 28, re-take soon. If I retake by August and I feel better should I still continue applying this cycle or wait for the next one....

So yeah, any thoughts/opinions about what my GPA looks like, extracurriculars look like, school list and thoughts of where I should look to apply, and really the big one...the MCAT problem.....

Yikes sorry if this was a long post. But again I really appreciate anyone helping me out. :scared:

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Apr 23, 2011
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Given that your gpa stays the same and assuming at least 30 mcat, you should apply to Univ of Maryland, Georgetown, George Washington. Schhols that will favor OOS (if you are into that)
virginia commonwealth
-Hopkins is a definite reach becuase of your gpa and lack of solid research.....
- Mount Sinai (~35 mcat)
- Albany medical school
- New York Medical
- Penn Sate
-Univ. of Boston....small applicant pool
- umass

There you go....good luck with your application.

Do not forget to add some more reach schools just for "fun"...


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Jan 6, 2011
Maryland Outside of DC
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Thank you for the advice! I will definitely look into those schools more.

Just working and hoping for the looming MCAT. :uhno:

Edit: Any other voices out there with thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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Aug 9, 2009
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Without commenting on any other schools, you're about borderline for Maryland (your GPA is a bit under their median, and anything below a 32 MCAT would be below their median as well).

That being said, your ECs are terrific, so if you can manage to snag an interview, I think you should at least have a shot at this school. Since their 10th percentile for MCAT is 29, if you get anything below that I would think that Maryland becomes a reach for you (since you don't have any URM, 1st generation status, etc. that might allow interviewers to overlook your grades). But hey, it's your home institution, so they might give you a chance anyways.


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Jul 17, 2008
You are right near average if your goal is University of MD School of Medicine.

If your MCAT is >30, you should have a good chance.
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