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Advices on studying for PCAT


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Aug 20, 2015
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
    Hi guys, I have been studying for the PCAT for a month non-stop now, but my grades are not increasing. I was wondering how you guys have studied to increase your scores?

    This is my score for the Kaplan practice test:

    Verbal: 390/ 30th
    Biology: 394/ 31st
    Chemistry: 410/ 64th
    Reading: 388/ 29th
    Quantitative: 410/ 67th

    Composite: 398/ 40th

    Also, is Kaplan practice test harder than Pearson test?
    Is Crack the PCAT helpful to you guys?

    I am nerve wrecking right now and any advices would help me.
    Thanks guys


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    Aug 12, 2015
    Industry, California
    1. Pharmacy Student
      Some people say Kaplan is harder than Pearson, however, it should be good in terms of preparing you for the actual exam. Make notecards of the terms and things in regards to biology. It's all about memorizing and understanding the subject, if your scores aren't increasing, clearly you aren't taking in the concepts and should try a different method. Good luck.


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      Aug 23, 2015
      1. Pre-Pharmacy
        Okay, I will tell you how I did it, and it may or may not help you.
        What I did was take the Kaplan Class and did the book. What I did was take the Review Notes (bigger book), and started reading through it. I did a different section everyday. When I came across a word that I did not know or a topic, I took notes on it. I didn't take notes on the things that I already knew. I made notecards from the book and used them in the bio section and the verbal section. Math I took chapter by chapter, and worked through problems. Reading I did the Road Map, that Kaplan has, and it helped me so much!! Verbal was literally memorizing what the words were by making notecards. If you have Kaplan, you have the online resources. THOSE ARE THE HOLY GRAIL. USE THEM!!! Hope this helps.
        Also, my instructor for Kaplan said that they purposely make their materials harder on purpose to prepare you better, and I would say that holds true. I did the practice tests, and did WAY better on the actual than the practices.
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