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Nov 19, 2008
Visalia, CA
NYU/LMC - Visalia, CA – Family HealthCare Network

Hi SDN, I run an AEGD Program with Family HealthCare Network in Visalia, CA. The AEGD is facilitated through NYU/Lutheran Medical Center and is at one of the largest Federally Qualified Health Centers in California and the US. Unfortunately, the PASS descriptions for most NYU/L programs are nondescript, so I wanted to spread the word and let applicants know more about our program.

The goal of our program is to further develop your clinical abilities, patient management skills, and confidence so that you can be fully prepared for working in either a Public Health or Private Practice Setting. By the end of the program, our residents are able to handle schedules of 10-15 patients a day, no problem.

Our program strengths are Endo (our resident completed 97 RCT's last year, ~50 molars), Prostho (More Removable, but also a good amount of fixed, minimum 2 Bridges), and Oral Surgery (lots of routine and more complex extractions). You’ll do plenty of restorations, and learn how to triage and manage dental emergencies effectively. We also have many pediatric patients, if you want to focus there as well.

Residents have their own chairs, schedules and assistants. Once established, you will become a fully functioning part of the health center, with advice and guidance available whenever needed. Our clinics are less than 5 years old, and you will have modern equipment, materials, and instruments. Our residents also have an Endo Microscope at their disposal, and we just got a diode laser.

I completed this residency myself, and it was an amazing experience that helped me become the much more confident dentist I am today. The last 3 residents have enjoyed working at Family HealthCare Network so much, they have stayed on after their residency to start their careers with us as well.

As a resident, you will receive the NYU/Lutheran Medical Center benefits package, roughly including: medical and dental insurance, ~$40,000 Stipend, and 4 Weeks of paid vacation time – go travel! Our AEGD Residents do NOT have weekend call. Two Tuesdays a month instead of clinic you will have a half day of Didactic Lectures online through NYU/LMC, and Regional group meetings to discuss case presentations.

Never heard of Visalia? Where the heck is that? Visalia is one of the largest cities in the California Central Valley, just south of Fresno, and about 2.5-3 hours from both LA and San Francisco areas, with a low cost of living, no traffic, and plenty to do, especially if you enjoy the outdoors – near Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks. Visalia has nearly all the amenities of a larger city, while still having a friendly small town feel. Weekend drives to Disneyland, Las Vegas, Snowboarding, Yosemite, San Francisco, and Los Angeles – totally doable. I really didn’t know anything about Visalia before I moved here, but I've really come to love it here.

If interested in applying, please apply through PASS! We do participate in the Match as well.

Unfortunately, my understanding is that we can only accept residents who graduated from a US accredited dental school.

Feel free to post with any questions!

Michael De Coro, DMD
AEGD Program Director
NYU/LMC – Family HealthCare Network
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Apr 4, 2013
Thank you for providing information. I am foreign trained dentist. Can You please confirm if I can apply or not!

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Sep 8, 2009
Thank you for the very detailed post. I am very interested and would like to know when would be a good time this summer to visit the program? I am currently in the east coast.
May 3, 2019
Dental Student

I am very interested in the AEGD NYU-Visalia residency program. Please private message me!

Thank you!
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