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AEGDs/VAs with good pedo rotations

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Jun 23, 2005
    Anyone know of good residency programs with solid pedo rotations. AEGD/VA preferred.


    VA is for Veterans. You wont see any kids there. There are few AEGD/ GPR residency programs that offer any experience with peds. Oklahoma is the only program I know of with a strong peds component. You may want to consider working for one year in a Public Health clinic.


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    Jun 22, 2005
    1. Dentist
      I was told by a current resident that his GPR program in OK is also very pedo oriented with lots of OR and sedation cases

      He is talking about the Childrens' Hospital GPR in Oklahoma City, OK. It is listed in the ASDA book as being "OU Medical Center GPR," but it is at Childrens' hospital for 9 months and the VA hospital for 3 months. We have no pedo programs in our state; so the residents there are the closest thing we've got. They see mostly kids for 2/3s of their residency and do sedations. The other 1/3 is at the VA where they see adults.
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