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Jan 13, 2004
The Filthy Dirty
    Originally posted by Cerberus
    Its gonna be weird having so much stress off my shoulders and all the freetime. I'll have to find something else to occupy all my time with (freetime is the devils plaything). Maybe, i will take up binge drinking? Your thoughts?

    I might quit binge drinking.


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    Jan 7, 2003
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      after a big thing like that i usually plan on going out drinking and running around in my shorts or something like that... but when i get finished i'm so drained i find that i just want to be a couch potato for a few hours. that's what happened to me when i took the EIT (engineering in training) and GRE exams.
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      Feb 29, 2004
        What free time?! You should devote the same amount of time, if not more to your application. Slackers... j/k I will be so glad to actually have the free time to do what I want. Working out again, playing sports, computer games, GOING OUT!!! It will be such a relief. GL everyone! <4 weeks left!


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        Dec 13, 2001
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          I may relearn how to be a social human being. This semester my only social interactions have been between me and my textbook (and my team but I cant say i'm really social around them, we usually either shut up and focus on rowing or revert to 3rd graders and make fart jokes or moon passing church buses).


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          Dec 30, 2002
          Ann Arbor
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            Your posts are great!
            I gave up drinking for Lent, so I'll likely give that a try. If the temps are high, I'm gonna enjoy several Coronas. If it's moderate or chilly, I'll reintroduce myself to Killians and Sam Adams.
            I've been getting in the 23-26 range on the AAMC practice tests, so it looks like I'll drink cause its over AND because I'll be taking it again.
            I'd also like to read some books, RELAX, and catch up on my delinquent clinical reports at work.
            Just a few days left...
            Cheers in advance.



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            Jan 26, 2004
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              That's the spirit guys, way to think about how wonderful it will be to have this all over and done with!!! Woohoo! The night of, well, I'll be out having a grand old time. :) And after that, with all my fabulous free time (sans having to get crackin' on my personal statement) I'm going to read lots of books, see all the friends I've neglected, go on some road trips, and play outside like it's my job! Fun times ahead! :)


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              Jul 30, 2003
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                I really need to register a new name so it is easier to hide my lameness.
                :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

                you know, the analogy i keep tossing around is this: studying for the MCAT is like being constipated for about 4 months. on april 17, i will take the biggest sh.t the world has ever seen!!!!!! what a relief it will be to finally have pinched off the foulest loaf which was ever created. good riddance to bad rubbish, i say.

                once its over i'll probably go back to running/working out (leaving the library in general) and some other more frivolous pursuits i.e. all those PS2 games of mine which are collecting dust :mad:


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                Jun 26, 2003
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                  I'll have to continue working 50ish hrs/wk. How great to be able to do something enjoyable outside of work instead of study.

                  I do feel a MAJOR drunk coming on. Some friends invited me to a corporate suite at the pro motorcross event on Saturday night. If the food and drink flows heavily, they may be driving me home.

                  Note to self: NEVER sleep in car drunk (I had a friend put in jail for that once).


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                  May 25, 2003
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                    Originally posted by OnMyWayThere
                    How come? Drink all you want, you deserve it. You're not really at risk if you're indoors with friends ( as far as the law or anything). Have fun!
                    i will drink anyway :smuggrin:

                    i just can't wait to be able to go out and drink...
                    oh well, 6 more months :D
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