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Feb 15, 2009
Which is preferable:

Submitting ASAP (June) with a 3.65 and no spring grades; or
Submitting "later" (Quarter ends mid-June, final grades, send transcripts, they verify, so I'm assuming July-ish) with a 3.69?



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Sep 4, 2006
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IMO the improvement in cGPA won't make much difference, but neither will a one month delay at that time of year (including the presumed prolonged verification time of 2 or so weeks), as you'd still be applying "early." Opinions, of course, will vary based on the responder's point of view.


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Nov 6, 2009
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take a year off and get the best of both worlds???? just a thought, if you are not dead set on going right out of school. this gives you time to relax, save money, and if need be, tie up any loose ends in your application...

if your stats are marginal i would recommend making sure the rest of you application is perfect and submit as early as possible.

if you are totally opposed to the idea then i would say submit ASAP and then send updates with your added grades. this is just my opinion, but what i think you will find is many schools will are silent for the first few months of the cycle anyway. this will allow you a reason to stay in contact with them. GL either way:thumbup:
Jul 11, 2010
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It depends on where you are applying. If you are applying to schools with non-rolling admissions, then try to boost your GPA a bit by taking more classes. Mostly likely, however, I would say a 0.04 increase in your GPA will matter very little. Apply early! In addition to increasing your chances of getting in, it will greatly increase your chance of getting in earlier--like November-December rather than not knowing until April. Being in limbo like that can be aggravating.