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Jul 18, 2017
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Are there any Thai dentists or Thai dental students on this International Dentist forum?

I am looking for help in understanding and preparing for the accreditation process for overseas dentists seeking a license in Thailand.
For context, I am a 2nd year dental student at a school in the US.

I have read that there is a year-long training and assessment course that is required before overseas dentists take the exam. Is that true? What does the course consist of?

In regards to the exam itself, what can I expect to be tested on? I am assuming there is a clinical hands-on portion to the exam as well as a standard exam, is that right? Are there any study materials out there that I may be able to get to help me prepare for the test? I am currently learning Thai from a native Thai tutor. If I could find study materials in Thai that would help me tremendously, as I need to thoroughly learn medical and dental terminology in Thai.

There are a lot of questions that I have, but any amount of help would be greatly appreciated, ขอบคุณนะครับ

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