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Pre-Med Student
Feb 10, 2010
At my school
Want to include animal therapy dogs in your practice? Want to have a smart empathic breed to train for volunteer experiece in places like hospice? Then these are great animals! Unfortunately my student housing does not allow animals, or I'd be having hem trained as Animal volunteers for Hospice.

Poodles have hair instead of fur and are hypoallergenic. As the second smartest breed they are able to excel at almost anything. Of course they are best at being loving, empathic, and clowns. They will learn you and other people you are around.

Mini Poodles are not as small as toy poodles and not as big as standard poodles. Full grown adult weight is 14-16 pounds, which means you can easily handle them for self grooming.

Reuben and Ray have been lovingly raised from birth in our smoke free home, and often fed on healthy home cooked dog food. From birth they have been handled by humans, and love people.

Ray is incredibly outgoing and bright eyed. He will delight you beyond belief.

Reuben is a little more laid back, but no less of a delight.

Both are AKC registered, from champion bloodlines, and cleared of all genetic maladies.

Vet checked all vaccinations, neutered, crate and potty trained. Very happy dogs, and great for a unique volunteer or medical experience!

For more information please contact Lastenia Gregg at 360-425-0391 or [email protected]


$1150 each price is negotiable.