Alarmingly stupid pre-med seeking advice

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Oct 19, 2006
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Hi everyone,
I'm not sure if I am allowed to post in here since I am not yet a medical student, but I'm in dire need of advice from someone who has been accepted into medical school.

Here is my situation in brief: I was accepted into a pre-medical honours science undergrad program after I finished high school. At that time I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. I think the only reason I was accepted into this program was that my science and math marks were always high. I don't want to seem arrogant but marks always came too easily to me, that's partly what led to my unhappy and tragic ruin. Anyway, I was accepted into pre-med but I was not passionate about that.

Most unfortunately, I wanted to become a writer. I met with a good deal of heady success initially...I was seduced by vague ideas of writing a masterpiece of Canadiana to rival Margaret Atwwod. Success at a young age is a terrible thing. It took me until well into my second year to realize that I didn't want to become a writer. I hate the politics and the bickering and the banality of the real writers I met.

I have now a real disgust of the whole literary scene. Starting in my third year I decided that I wanted to go into medicine. Here is the tragic part: in the years that I was being all literary my marks suffered BADLY. Now, I've given up that career path only to discover this one to be all but unattainable.

I am in my third year now and my marks have improved significantly, yet my GPA continues to be weighed down (heavily) by my past stupidities. I thought at first that I should apply to master's programs next year and apply to medical school after that. That option has some diadvantages however.
Firstly, I can't be certain that I will get in after I complete my master's because many medical schools heavily stress undergrad GPA and following a master's my undergrad GPA will remain the same. Also, I know that I can't apply until I finish the degree and that may mean waiting about for a year or so until I get accepted.

I then thought that perhaps I should do another course of undergraduate study and try to bolster my GPA that way. I don't know which is the better option--to apply for a master's degree or do another undergrad course.

I am terribly confused and if anyone can advise me I would certainly appreciate it.

I posted in the allopathic medicine forum as well, but thought I'd have better luck here.
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