Albany College of Pharmacy

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does anyone know how the application process consists of?? I am definitely thinking of going here...


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aww... i need help.. thanks for trying though.. i hope have the time soon to help me out...i appreciate it... anyone else??
Hi Pharmgirl- I want to go there too- but I won't be ready until 2006. You have to apply through PHARMCAS- you don't need PCATS (yay!). IF you go to the Albany college of pharmacy website they have their admission process outlined and give you the link to go to pharmacas to apply. If you have any questions, you can call admissions and speak with Michael Green- he's the Director of Admissions and very nice and helpful.
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Oh- and you're from the West coast and want to come East? Hey I don't need the competition, you Californians stay on your side of's too cold here for you anyway! Just kidding! :laugh:
The 3 year accelerated program really turned me on to it. To finish a year earlier is a big deal since I'd like to hurry up and get on with my life. I eventually want to move to NY state, and I like the area surrounding Albany. I think it's a good school, I work with a few pharmacists that graduated from there. I like that they don't bleed you for tons of prerequisites- like Rutgers in NJ. Although Rutgers is an excellent school -however it's overcrowded, extremely competitive (only pharm school in NJ) and I hate the area it's in.