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Albany vs WMED


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Aug 4, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
    Please help me decide.

    I am currently very interested in Emergency Medicine and/or Otolaryngology

    Cost: they are pretty much the same for an OOS like me
    Weather: both are cold (I'm a California native)
    Grading: Albany is EH/E/G/M/U throughout
    WMED is P/F for M1 and M2 and then H/HP/P/F for M3 and M4

    Albany match to EM -11% / Otolaryngology 2%
    WMED EM-13% / Otolaryngology 0%

    Albany is an old school which is reflected on the building/hospital (as told by the current students) but good research opportunities and has a hospital with a large patient population.

    WMED is new and gorgeous, yet i'm not sure what the implications of being a new school are. Students do clinicals through affiliate hospital - Ascension Borgess Health and Bronson Healthcare.

    are there any factors im missing that I should be considering?

    if you have any knowledge about these schools, which do you think would make the match process easier from what they have to offer?
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