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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by dknykid1980, Aug 29, 2001.

  1. dknykid1980

    dknykid1980 Senior Member

    Jul 13, 2001
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    hello everyone..

    Gosh i just received this packet form albany med. I must admit from all the secondary material I have receieved as of yet, I believe albany's merits the title of best packaged admissions material!! i'm sure all of you have receieved it, it looks bad ass. I mean its like an actual patient profile folder with a prescription attached saying you should attend their school. I definitely believe that albany's marketing team is prolly the best i've seen yet. Ok well I just wanted to share that with you all.


    are a lot of ppl applying there? I was looking through the app stuff and it seemed like they only accept non-traditional students or atleast they comprise the majority. Would this be a safe statement to make?? I'm just sayign that cuz i'm a trad applicant.


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  3. md2be06

    md2be06 Senior Member

    Jul 15, 2001
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    Yeah, Albany's viewbook is pretty cool. Not the standard bs some of these schools send out. As for their preference for non-trads, one of my good friends got in there last year and he was a traditional applicant. Who knows, one matriculant doesn't set a preference. I haven't had a chance to read their brochure in much detail, but it seems like they know how to sell themselves. It's weird how during such a stressful application cycle, a personalized touch like the "patient profile folder" seems to make a difference. I dunno, just seems like they really value their applicants moreso than a lot of schools. I won't mention any names, ahem, Stanford.

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