albert einstein?

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Aug 3, 2006
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hey guys! i'm deciding between schools, and am seriously considering AECOM and want to know all about the school that I possibly can before making the final decision!! :)

I heard a few things that i'm not sure are true or not... someone had told me that montefiore is a private teaching hospital.. so they sometimes are pressured to see x number of patients in a day & can be not very willing to make students make mistakes etc etc that can work negatively to the students...
someone also said that the facilities are pretty old compared to other schools... I mean i had the tour, but can't remember much since there were so many such tours that basically covered the same things at different schools...

anyone have anything about the school? i'm not even sure if the thigns i heard are true.. but woudl be nice to see what others heard too..



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Nov 21, 2007
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I don't know about public or private, but I've heard that the best part of AECOM is the hands on training at the hospitals. People say you really come out of there more prepared for residencies.
Facilities did seem on the older side, but they are building or are done with a brand new research building. Also, facility's looks aren't really that important, plus housing they offer was good and cheap.