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Examkrackers says that alkenes and alkynes are no longer on the MCAT. I looked on the listing of subjects and it isnt on there. Alkenes is such a huge part of O. Chem that I was wondering whether it means no direct questions about alkenes specifically, or ANY type of alkene reaction. Anyone know the answer?



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Hey - Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of '04 here... :thumbup:

Alkynes and Alkenes are NOT on the approved list like you said. In all the practice tests I've seen I can't remember a question that required specific recall about an Alkene/Alkyne reaction - though you may see them on structures but the organic chemistry will deal with another functional group.

When I was studying for the MCAT I made sure I knew the fundamental reactions that involve Alkene/Alkyne chemistry (the ones hit on in EK) and I never saw a problem I did not feel comfortable attacking.

I'm curious now - I took the MCAT in April of '06. Any other posters take the MCAT since then and recall a problem that dealt with any Alkene/Alkyne chemistry?

(The organic on the MCAT might seem scary but most of it is basic first semester stuff and lab techniques).

Edit: just reread my post - it's kind of rambling... hope I answered your question somewhere in there :oops:


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This has been an official AAMC party line for a couple of years. Unfortunately, it's at least arguably wrong. On January 27 I faced a passage about some sort of alkene reaction.

I'm not an o-chem guy, so I can't give specifics, but I noted quite clearly that this passage violated the stated policy.

I suppose AAMC would say it wasn't a violation, because the alkene nature was not (I'm guessing) an essential part of answering the questions -- the functional group must not have been the alkene. Or maybe not -- this is the one subject I don't get. Still, the fact remains that alkenes were, in some sense, tested, not just on one question but in a passage.

I'm sure it was just a simple oversight, like Robotuna. Or predictably overloaded servers. Or predictably inadequate site availability. Or predictably overly optimistic estimates of time until scores are reported. Or missing on-screen tools that were shown on the e-mcat site. Or registrations that turn out not to be real. Or... oh, never mind.

AAMC: gotta love 'em. Or not.
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