All-Day-MCAT-Study Meal Plans

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Jul 6, 2009
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So I was wondering what you all would be consuming as brain-food to give you enough mental energy to run through an all-day marathon in the library when studying for the MCAT. I'm not talking about the day before the MCAT or the day of the MCAT. I'm talking about months before the exam when you're still in the study-phase.

Guys, I'm being serious here so no funny stuff (well, an occasional funny-line won't hurt as long as it follows a serious suggestion). If you're away from your apartment and spending all day at the campus library, then what will you be consuming all day if you have access to a 7-Eleven, a Wawa, and the campus grocery store.


Jul 4, 2009
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i study all day in the library and feel so hungry sometimes, after all that studying who wouldnt! So i start my day with a good breakfast at home (bagel, creme cheese and tea) with some vitamins (Fish Oil Supplement, Lecithin, Centrum[im all out rt now]) ...then on my way to the library i get a big cup of coffee to keep me up and mentally active throughout the day. I dont get sleepy this way and im all charged up to study. Whenever i do feel sleepy i drink some of that coffee.

For lunch, i keep nuts with me (almonds, walnuts..) and fruit with me. I LOVE EATING CHERRIES, while im studying lol Sometimes i bring apples, plums, apricot...oh and baby carrots as well. Sometimes i also bring nutrition bars, fruit yogurt or some kinda sandwich. Nothing too heavy because it makes me feel sleepy.

And well yeah all that keeps me good from 8am to 6pm to study. At 7pm i have dinner and before 10pm im in bed =)

hope it hellps?
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