Allergy Immunology Fellowship for a DO from a community program

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I am a second year Internal Medicine resident from a ACGME community program outside of Philadelphia. I have recently been interested in Allergy Immunology. No one from my program has ever matched AI so I am limited on the exposure and resources available to me. Can anyone comment on the current competitiveness of AI especially coming from a community program and being a DO? What are some things I should be doing to make myself competitive? I am trying to submit some case reports to conferences.
If anyone knows of programs that are consider low-tier and more accepting of community programs, let me know!

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AI is considered as competitive as heme onc, PCCM, rheum, etc. You need to start doing research now, whether it is a case series, review, bench, etc. Case reports are the lowest hanging fruit. Try to get an abstract, poster, etc accepted at a regional and/or national conference. Network with the AI doctors at your institution and hope they have good connections. You have an uphill battle in front of you because you're a DO, come from a community program, and I'm assuming you haven't started any meaningful research yet. Work hard and you may get a spot coming out of residency!
Hi VT, I was in a similar boat as a DO at an ACGME community program and matched into A/I. A/I is competitive and it will be harder matching as a DO from a community program, but definitely possible!

I would strongly recommend for you to focus on getting an abstract and poster presented at the AAAAI national meeting. The abstract submission deadline for the 2019 meeting is August 30 ( a little over a week from now), so you will have to hurry! But I would strongly recommend this. Presenting at the AAAAI is one of the most important things you can do to show your interest in the specialty. For the upcoming deadline, you just need an abstract submitted. You can do a case report.

Abstract Submission | AAAAI Annual Meeting

Other than the AAAAI national meeting, there is also the ACAAI national meeting which is good to present at. However, the deadline for the ACAAI has already passed. You can do next year's.

If there are any AI docs at your institution, I would try to talk to them and get a rotation in A/I to see if you like it. If you are able to do any A/I related research, that would be highly recommended. If the A/I docs at your place are not doing research, but a doc in another specialty is (for example, a Dermatologist doing Atopic Dermatitis research, or an ENT doing sinusitis research, or a Pulmonologist doing asthma research), then do research with them.

Right now, get your AAAAI abstract submitted before the deadline. You won't get another chance until next year if you miss this one.
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Thank you for the wonderful tips! I will PM you for further details if that’s okay.
Hi VT2013, like AI2015apps, I am also a DO from a community ACGME program and matched into A/I. Now you have two examples. So it's definitely possible for you to match to A/I too. I totally agree with AI2015apps that you should participate the AAAAI/ACAAI meetings. Research and networking are very important in the A/I filed. You are welcome to PM me if you have questions. I am going to SF in Feb too. Perhaps all three of us can meet up. Good Luck.
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