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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Pathologist, Dec 8, 2000.

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    Nov 29, 2000
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    Has anyone noticed how rude some of the replies are in the allopathic doctoral student forum?? I go there to get help from people who have already been through what we're going through. I don't see a big problem with this. How about the rest of you? Not everyone is rude, some actually give helpful advice.

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    I agree.

    Recently I got reprimanded for a post I made concerning a request for information about an Allopathic school.

    The reasoning...the "accuser" was upset that I was asking about UCONN (I am from Connecticut), eventhough I have traditionally supported Osteopathic Medicine and am very heavily leaning in that direction.

    I think everyone needs to be a little nicer.

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    Yes, I know exactly what post JP is referring too, and it bothered me as well. (I'm sure the person causing problems has left some snappy reply to my last post there, but I doubt I'll bother going back to find the thread.) I have to admit, it's kinda annoying to go to the "Everyone" and Allopathic forum and see a lot of freaked out high school and college students. I mean, isn't that what this category is for? I kinda wish that people stayed in bounds more and that more physicians actually posted to the allopathic forum, because once in awhile it would probably be nice if we (meaning the pre-meds) could get an answer from a real doctor about something. And although I've been posting here for maybe two or three weeks now, I've already seen many posts asking the same questions. If new pre-meds read the pre-med category, they'd answer many of these questions themselves.

    But I think this is a neat forum, though there are a couple jerks. It's nice to see such an active group. I don't worry too much about the few that act like jerks, I just hope that when they interview, the adcoms see what kind of people they are.
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