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Discussion in 'Optometry' started by Eyegirl2007, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. I'm flying to boston in a few weeks for my NEWENCO interview, and I've come to the realization (since getting back from Indiana and realizing the boston interview is the next one) that I am VERY VERY VERY afraid of flying there. I have never really gotten along all that well with airplanes but since Sept 11 I have had a genuine fear. I would drive there but it is a really long drive from here. I don't know what to do. I suppose in the end I'll suck it up and just get on the planes(!) but I am really scared right now. I have days where it bothers me more than others.

    Am I just ridiculous?

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    Eyegirl, I've flown many times since 9/11 and if anything, all the extra security I've encountered at airports has made me feel even more comfortable about flying. I still feel safer getting on a plane than I do getting into my car. Of course it's a totally personal thing -- you feel the way you feel, sometimes you can change it, sometimes not. You can always try viewing it as a means-to-an-end -- it's for an *interview*!! ? :confused: Just another step on the way to becoming an OD! :D
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    I just flew to Philly for my interviews at PCO and then Newenco. I flew home from Boston, and everything was fine. Logan had some major security...much more so than any other airport I've been in since Sept. 11th. It is a lot different since then. I was scared about flying, too, but everything went smoothly.
    Good luck with flying and with your interview! I'm sure you'll do great!


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