Almost finished with junior year. Possible chance?


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Dec 31, 2006
    I'm quite concerned about my chance of getting accepted into top 25 medical schools, especially Vanderbilt, Duke, UVA, and UNC.

    GPA: 3.61
    BCMP: 3.5
    URM with physical disability
    Good ECs (teaching a class, research, leadership, tutoring biochemistry, etc.)
    Good letters of recommendations (english, organic chemistry, and biochemistry as well as my research supervisor)
    MCAT: 33 (11 P/10 V/12 B)

    What do you think? Am I still competitive?


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    Apr 4, 2007
      How many years of research have you done and what was your level of involvement? And tell us about your clinical experience and shadowing, which you didn't mention at all. Would you need any special accomodations to complete the tasks expected of med students (consider anatomy lab, using a microscope, performing a physical exam, staying up all night in rotations, etc)? What do you think your GPA will be by the time you are ready to apply?
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