Alternate list at Hopkins- what does it all mean?

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Jun 18, 2002
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I'm an MSI at a DO school, this is not for me, but my girlfriend just found out she was placed on the alternate list. Is that good? bad?

thoughts on her chances?

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Has she already interviewed there?
what they do is form a hold list which is like a wait list
and then at the end of the interview season, they rank it, high middle and low priority
then, they usually let the people on the low list go
and the high and middle acts as a waiting list

as of now, its just a waiting game for ur girlfriend
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Was she early decision or just get an early interview there? Just curious. Thanks!
early interview, I made her get her stuff all in June 1...

I hope it didn't hurt her, she has really good stats and is, of course, the most wonderful person ever! ;)