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Jan 20, 2004
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Hey All.
I was wondering if anyone has or knows someone who has taken one or more years "off" between med school and beginning a residency. For example doing research, volunteer public health type work, or having a child. Would program directors look at you suspiciously? I imagine it would depend on speciality but does anyone have any opinions in general?


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Oct 19, 2001
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I have a friend who just matched at a great IM program after taking a year off to go work in a clinic in india. he had to go through the whole application/interview process while abroad though... makes it a little hard to go far away for a long time...


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Feb 17, 2003
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I actually am seriously considering taking a year off to do some kind of clinical research and/or international health work (if I can afford it) b/c I think it would improve my residency app.. I'm applying in IM, but am not the best applicant.. I just want to go to a program where there are decent facilities and the residents speak fluent English. any opinions on whether or not the year off would help me to attain this goal?
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