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am I a PA resident

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Matrix, Aug 29, 2000.

  1. Matrix

    Matrix Member
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    May 7, 2000
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    Hi Everyone!!!
    Ok, Here's my situation,
    My permanent address (where my parents live + where all my mails go to) is in Pennsylvania but I go to a school in New Jersey. My permanent address has been in Pennsylvania for over 2 years now and even my drivers license is a PA license. I recieved my Green Card (permanent residency) on 7/30/00 and the address that is printed in the card is in Pennsylvania. Now here's my question, if I apply to Med school before 7/30/01, will I be considered a PA resident or not??
    I've heard that if you've been living in a certain state for less than a year, or recieved your green card less than a year ago, that means you're not considered a resident of that state. Is this true?? or am I considered a PA resident because i have a green card which indicates that i live in PA and because of the fact that I've been living here for over a year??
  2. iamlost

    iamlost Junior Member
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    Jul 11, 2000
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    Do you go to a college in NJ? What state do they(your college) think you're resident of?
    Here's what I think, but I am not sure 100% if this is right: If you don't have green card, you're not a resident of U.S. (The real name for green card is Resident Alien Card, isn't that right?) So you cannot be a resident of any state. By your definition of a resident, you have to live in a certain state for a year or more to be considered one. You got your green card on 7/30/00, on that day you became a U.S. resident and on that day you started on your way of becoming of PA. Not until you live one year in PA do you become a resident; so what I'm saying is I don't think you're a resident of PA until 7/30/01.

    Is what I've told you bad? Check with INS, PA gov, and with the schools you want to apply to.

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