Dental Am I crazy to switch to pre-dental just for OMFS?

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Mar 12, 2013
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I've known all my life I want to be a surgeon. My dad is a trauma surgeon and my brother is an OMFS. I've had this tunnel vision about surgery since my freshmen year of college and so I was initially premed. Along the way, through shadowing opportunities, I fell in love with OMFS. Keep in mind, I shadowed at a hospital with a lot of trauma so they weren't pulling teeth so much as they were reconstructing people's faces. I made the switch to predental and took the DAT as a sophomore in college (24 AA, currently a junior). I have a 3.99 overall and 3.98 sGPA. 150 hours of shadowing (general, orthopedic, oral and maxillofacial surgery). 300 hours of wet lab research with 2 publications. 8 years of track and field including division 2 NCAA. conference champion and national qualifier.

Am I crazy for making this switch? Will I regret not going to medical school?
This is something that only you can answer. What do you love about surgery? What do you love about OMFS?
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