Am I likely to get accepted into Dental School with a BS in Dental Hygiene?


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Dec 29, 2015
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    Hello there. I know there are multiple threads out there with answers to questions that are similar to mine. However, I feel as though my situation is different and because of that, I could not seem to find a useful answer in any of the other threads. I am a freshman in College, and I am just finishing up my generals. Anyway, my problem is that I have a full ride scholarship to my current university, but the university does not offer a biology program. There is a chemistry program and a physics program, but I don’t feel like either of them would genuinely interest me, and I’m afraid I would be putting my GPA at risk. My current university does offer a Dental Hygiene program though. If I get my BS in Dental Hygiene and I minor in Neuroscience, while still completing all of my science pre-req's, do you think I would still have a fair shot? Having a BS in Dental Hygiene could give me an advantage right? I know Neuroscience isn’t strongly related to Dentistry, but it seems interesting to me and I am confident I could maintain a high GPA. I know a lot of people say you have to major in a science, and if that is my absolute best option then I can make that happen. There is a major university in my state, which also has a dental school that I planned on eventually applying to, and a biology program is offered there. I would lose my full ride scholarship though. Plus I live at home right now, and I would have to move out because that University is about 40 miles away from where I currently reside. Those are the main disadvantages at the moment. Sorry for making this so lengthy, but your responses are greatly appreciated.

    Oh and also, I am a male. Is it weird for men to major in Dental Hygiene?


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    Mar 30, 2014
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      Any major is fine so long as you're able to complete all of the pre-reqs for dental school as well. So yes, Dental Hygiene would be fine. If you want to minor in neuro, that's fine too. Minors are optional of course. And the part about Neuroscience not being strongly related to dentistry has got to be the biggest mistake I've read on here in a while. That is probably because in another tab I'm studying cranial nerves.

      A major in biology is not necessary or favored in any way. It is usually encouraged because it's easier to complete the dental pre-reqs when they all coincide with your major's pre-reqs. In addition, a major in biology also exposes you to upper-level biology courses that will be touched upon in dental school.

      Stay at the university you have a full ride at. Do whatever major interests you. If dental hygiene does because it directly relates to dentistry, then do it. If neuro interests you so much that you want to minor in it, do it. It won't give you any special brownie points, but a genuine interest in the science of the head and neck is a plus because it's obviously important in dentistry.
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      Nov 22, 2014
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        I have never heard of a college not having a biology program. Do they have biology classes at all? From what others have said, the only problem getting a dental hygiene major is fitting in all the pre-reqs for dental school so I would double check that your schedule would allow for that before you commit to the program.
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        Feb 23, 2015
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          I know Neuroscience isn’t strongly related to Dentistry, but it seems interesting to me and I am confident I could maintain a high GPA.

          Neuroscience is an excellent major that is actually very related to dentistry (understanding how nerves function, how drugs inhibit the propagation of action potentials and thus "numb" the neurons, learning the function and location of the cranial nerves which is very important to dentistry, and many many other aspects...). Also, a neuroscience degree requires the same o-chem, physics, chemistry, and biology courses that dental school requires and may even require the tougher pre-reqs such as biochem and microbiology that many dental schools now also require.

          Take neuroscience.
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            Take whatever major you want! Most people pick up a bio or chem major because it fulfills most (if not all) of the prereqs for dental school. I paid out of pocket for undergrad, so it made sense for me to major in biomedical sciences because all of the prereqs were required for my degree.


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            May 11, 2015
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              Having a BS in Dental Hygiene could give me an advantage right?
              Aside from being a talking point during interviews, I don't think it gives you any sort of advantage during the application process. On the other hand the clinical/didactic experience will make things a little easier for you once you start dental school (at least in the beginning). Just talk to an adviser to make sure that you are able to complete the prerequisites on time while taking your hygiene courses. My program was very time consuming and I had to spend an extra year and a half after graduating to finish up my prereqs. If you take a full course load during summer semesters before starting hygiene it might be possible to finish on time.
              Is it weird for men to major in Dental Hygiene?
              Dental GUYgienist's are rare, but it's only weird if you make it weird. I was one of three male hygiene students in my class and there were several in the classes before and after me. You would definitely be in the minority. Just stay out of the drama and be prepared to answer the questions "Wait, are you a hygiene student or a dental student?" & "Why didn't you go to dental school?" a million times and you should be fine.
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