am i missing something here?


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Nov 17, 2009
    ran across a couple of this type of question. at first i thought they made an error but since they repeated the solution the same way i guess im the one that has made the error.

    At constant atmospheric pressure, 5.0L of nitrogen gas is heated from 127°C to 227°C. What is the volume of the gas at the new temperature?

    so i set up T1 as 400K and T2 as 500K thus my eqn would be :

    V2= (5.0L) (400K)/500K

    But they have the answer choice come out to be 6.3 L bcuz their eqn is:

    V2=(5.0 L)(500 K)400 K=6.3 L.
    but why is their T2 400K? Idont get it:confused::confused::confused:

    please help me, kind, gracious, merciful sdn community


      A good way to check yourself with problems like these is to check if your answer makes sense in theory. In the question, temperature goes up, gas particles are more highly energetic now, wouldn't it make sense that they are occupy more volume as a result? Think of gasses as mosh pits
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