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Jan 26, 2002
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Hi, I want to ask for your guys' opinion on this...

My scheduled to take the DAT on July 25th, since it's coming up, I am getting scared....
I am especially scared of the comprehension test. I took the sample passage test from Barron's book and I was getting 16s....
Then I did the CD test from the Kaplan book I got 16B (I am cramming bio right now..), 18Gchem, 20Ochem, 22PAT, 21QRT and 21 Reading!!! wha da....

I am wondering if this test is accurate in comparing with the actual test? Should I worry about my reading comprehension part?...so should I reschedule? Thanks.

Oh yeah, I am taking the Topscore practice test tomorrow morning...is that an accurate measurement also? thanks.

:p :confused:


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Jun 25, 2002
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since you're getting close to the test day you might want to do what I did:
Don't worry about your scores. Go through the kaplan, barron and topscore questions over and over. Review the tests and the answer keys several times until you understand the CONCEPT behind the question. When I took the test I had reviewed every question at least 5 times...there wasn't anything unfamiliar on the real DAT. For the bio section, I wouldn't go into any more detail beyond what is in the Kaplan test book. I used a Shaum's series book for the bio and it was a mistake because I memorized way too much detail.

Just go through the A.D.A's recommended guidelines for the DAT and you should have a basic understanding of each of the subjects listed.
Good luck
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