Am I screwed/what are my chances?

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May 12, 2009
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I just recently got back my results for my 4th time taking the MCAT (5/2 test), scoring a 26O. The problem is, I scored a 28Q for the January test. I was wondering if they schools take your highest score, or your most recent.
Also, I have a science and cummulative gpa of 3.7, submitted a publication to The Cell, 2 years clinical and laboratory reasearch, I have a masters, and am EMT certified. Do I have even a glimmer of hope of getting into any allopathic US medical schools? Please, any advice is valued! Thanks!

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Some schools take the most recent score. Some take the best score. Some average them. Some take the highest score from each section and create a new score. You'll have to figure out which they are, especially the few in that last category. I've seen it mentioned here on SDN in the Pre-Allo Forum, but didn't memorize which was which, so do a "Search" for it. Meanwhile, it might be a good idea to consider including some DO schools on your application list.