DO Am I too late? Complete around 10/25

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Oct 19, 2013
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    Hi everyone. I haven't received a single interview yet (no rejections or holds either). I've been complete for review around the date of 10/25 to 11/1 at most schools. My GPA is around a 3.2 w/3.6 sci and a 27 MCAT and I'm from CA. My EC are fair: club/DO shadowing/volunteering/research/etc.

    I've applied to: TU-CA, WesternU (both campuses), ATSU-SOMA, TU-NV, PCOM, MUCOM, NYCOM and OSUCOM. Considering finishing secondaries for PNWU, PCOM-GA and TU-NY (Middletown).

    Even if I get an interview, will it be an interview for waitlist?


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    May 7, 2010
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      You're most definitely not too late. You've been complete for less than a month. If you read through the school specific threads you will see that it can takes months before you hear anything back from schools. You applied a little late but many DO schools interview through March/April so I would try and relax and give it some time before worrying.
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